High Hill Tours And Travels


Mission & Goal

The main mission of our travel agency is to attract and keep the customers through the personal approach of the service. The marketing strategy for the business will include and build upon the reputation of the agency in the area. We itself is a place that not only provides travel but also the freedom and the adventure to its clients. Many people annually spend up to 50 weeks in their offices. Therefore, when given a chance the client wants to get away and bring back sweet memories of an unforgettable vacation. We will promote such benefits of adventure as excitement, personal growth, health and of course fun. We will also work on promoting its own personal services such as vacation's success, savings and confidence of the clients. The mission of our travel agency is to become the best tour packages and adventure provider to the clients in the area. Target groups of the business are one the most important assets and a key to success, thus, our travel agency will definitely be working with the corporate travelers. This group includes local companies and businesses. Second group involves the individual travelers and the couples. These people vary from younger professionals, students to families with children with the sufficient income. Third target are the group travelers which come from the health clubs, athletic organizations, etc. We are the experience and enthusiasm that the travel agency will provide to its clients includes value, advice to customers and exceptional personal service. Over the time company will aim at expanding its brand recognition to the national level by means of growing industry participation as well as web presence. We will develop its website with the ability of customers to purchase online and be able to check the necessary information from home. When the mentioned above steps will bring about positive results and benefits, we will pursue to increase the revenues and reduce the costs by means of established corporate and repeat clients. In order to win over customer satisfaction, we will focus its goals on customization of tour packages and adventure tour reduction of the competitors.